Thursday, January 28, 2010

The BIG 11

How do I get so far behind? Kalli is about ready to strangle me for not posting her birthday sooner. So here you go sweetie...


Where does the time go? I for sure am not old enough to have an 11 year old. Maybe I am, but I just don't feel that old. In keeping with tradition I will name 11 things I love about Kalli.

1. She is beautiful!

2. She is very responsible. I rely on her for many things and she never lets me down.

3. She loves to make treats. She wants to cook for us, but it is always desert.

4. She is an excellent student! I am so lucky. She loves school, and her teachers always love her.

5. She is a great babysitter. If we ask her to watch the kids she never complains.

6. She has chosen really good friends.

Half way there...

7. She still wants to spend time with me. Hopefully that never changes

8. Her gorgeous Green eyes. She is the only one without blue eyes in our family...lucky girl.

9. She is so kind. Just this week she had a girl at school write her the nicest note, just to thank her for being so sweet.

10. She loves to tell jokes (and you better laugh..a real laugh not fake).

11. She has a style all her own. I can no longer go shopping without her...which she wouldn't allow anyways...but I can't pick out clothes for her anymore or she won't wear them.

That was too easy, I must really lover her.

Happy Birthday Kalli you are such an amazing girl and a very important part of our family!!!

We all love you So Much!!

Sorry it took me almost 2 months to post this!


  1. WOW That went by way to fast. She really is a beautiful girl.

  2. I love Kalli's new desk! She is growing up so beautiful!

  3. She is a genuine sweetheart. I love to spend time with her too. You should be a very proud Mom.