Thursday, January 28, 2010

The BIG 11

How do I get so far behind? Kalli is about ready to strangle me for not posting her birthday sooner. So here you go sweetie...


Where does the time go? I for sure am not old enough to have an 11 year old. Maybe I am, but I just don't feel that old. In keeping with tradition I will name 11 things I love about Kalli.

1. She is beautiful!

2. She is very responsible. I rely on her for many things and she never lets me down.

3. She loves to make treats. She wants to cook for us, but it is always desert.

4. She is an excellent student! I am so lucky. She loves school, and her teachers always love her.

5. She is a great babysitter. If we ask her to watch the kids she never complains.

6. She has chosen really good friends.

Half way there...

7. She still wants to spend time with me. Hopefully that never changes

8. Her gorgeous Green eyes. She is the only one without blue eyes in our family...lucky girl.

9. She is so kind. Just this week she had a girl at school write her the nicest note, just to thank her for being so sweet.

10. She loves to tell jokes (and you better laugh..a real laugh not fake).

11. She has a style all her own. I can no longer go shopping without her...which she wouldn't allow anyways...but I can't pick out clothes for her anymore or she won't wear them.

That was too easy, I must really lover her.

Happy Birthday Kalli you are such an amazing girl and a very important part of our family!!!

We all love you So Much!!

Sorry it took me almost 2 months to post this!

Friday, November 6, 2009

SO far behind...

I can't believe how much time had gone by and how many events have past without me documenting them. So this is going to be a long post, so here we go....

HaPpY BiRtHdAy KaMrEn!!!

I can't believe my little boy is 5! Where have the years gone? From day one he changed our lives Completely. I will never forget that first night in the hospital when the nurses wouldn't let him stay in the nursery because he wouldn't stop crying. And so it began...

How lucky he is that he has the most beautiful blue eyes ever. They have saved his life on many occasions!

Of course I am kidding, I love him so much. So like I have done for the other kids birthdays I will list 5 of my favorite things about Kam.

1. He is the BEST hugger! There isn't a day that goes by that I don't get at least 10 hugs from
this boy.
2. He amazes me (and anyone else that will watch) every day with his athleticism and
coordination. This boy can Play Ball.
3. He wakes up happy to see me every day.
4. He is so smart. The things he says and remembers blows me away.
5. And last but not least...His eyes!!! What I wouldn't do for his eyes.

We are so lucky to have this amazing boy in our family. He definitely keeps life interesting!!

Happy Birthday Kamren! We Love You!

Labor Day and Labor Day Baseball Tournament

Labor day is always a fun family weekend. So much going on and we love every minute. Friday night, keeping with tradition, Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Dale take all the kids to the carnival. Then it's back to their house for the fireworks.

To add to all of the other activities going on that weekend, Kyle was asked to join a different team and play with them in a baseball tournament. He had a blast and played 5 great games helping his team come in 2Nd place(they were totally robbed, they had won the 1st place team earlier that day).

With the parade and baseball, fireworks and the carnival it all seemed to whip us around so fast it seems like it all blurred together. I look forward to this madness every single year!!

Trip to the Zoo

This year instead of fighting with the dads to go with us to the zoo, we left them home. Win Win for everyone. Except for the mom that has 4 kids, one stroller and at least 2 kids that want to ride in it at all times. Which would be me! Oh well...Anyway.

We picked the perfect day to go. The weather was so nice and all the animals were out and walking around. There were so many new babies...A monkey, an elephant, a giraffe, and 3 tiger cubs. We could have stayed and watched the baby monkey All Day. He was so stinkin cute!
Klaire was so cute, the only animal she didn't love were the giraffes, she thought that they were going to get her.

We had such a fun day.

::Happy Halloween::

For Halloween this year we did something a little different. We spent it in St. George with some friends. We had a Great time!! We stayed in an amazing house that had a beautiful outdoor swimming pool that just kept calling to the kids, but the water was Freezing! They were sure that the water was warm enough to get in even though Angela and I told them a million times that it wasn't. To prove us wrong they all decided to jump in...with a little monetary motivation from Angela in the sum of $1.00 each...And Yes they decided we were telling them the truth. The water was so cold it totally knocked the breath out of them. But when you have a dollar in your hand it's totally worth it...right?
We had so much fun trick-or-treating in the 70 degree weather, and the kids made quite the haul. Then came the even better part when the trick-or-treaters started coming to our house and we made them give away the candy that they didn't really want because we didn't have anything else to give out.
I hope you all made it to the end...And I am going to try my hardest
to not get that far behind again.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Night out with the Owlz

Kurt and Kyle's baseball team were the Fantasy Team at the Owlz game this week. The boys had such an amazing time. As the Orem Owlz ran out on to the field the boys got to run out to their position with them. They all looked so cute standing out there on that big field with their hats over their hearts for the singing of the National Anthem.

But the fun didn't end there...In the middle of the 2ND inning Kamren was chosen to race Hootz the mascot out on the field. They started at 1st base and were racing to 3rd. I think waiting to go out on to the field was just as much fun for Kam. He waited on the sidelines with Hootz and Holly teasing and tickling him the whole time.

Kalli was asked to be the Junior Announcer during the 7th inning. She did awesome! It was so fun to hear her voice through the speakers. She was also their good luck charm...They made it through the entire batting order and scored the runs that led them to victory!
Never one to be left out, Klaire put on a show for the people as we left after the game dancing to the music. She knows how to put smiles on peoples faces. Quite the show-off.

Such a fun night. One we will always remember.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday...the Sequel.

Of Course all of you who know me know that I turned the big 31 today. Not quite sure how I feel about that. It has been much harder to turn 31 than it was to turn 30. I Do Not want to be IN my thirties. But at least my amazing husband surpised me with a fancy shmancy camera to lighten the blow.

A Nikon d5000!! I am so excited to put it to good use! Too bad I don't have a clue how to use it. But it is going to be fun learning, luckily Klaire Loves to pose for the camera.

Thank you everyone for your Birthday wishes, once I got past turning another year older it turned out to be a pretty great day!

Monday, August 17, 2009

So this is what I have been doing...

I am 100% addicted!! I started reading Twilight 2 weeks ago...I know I am a slow starter, but anyways...and I have read all 4 books. So what do I do now? I have been so wrapped up in these books that I feel lost. I am sure my family is going to be happy to have thier mom back.

Monday, August 3, 2009

July 24th

For the 24Th of July we went to a cabin in Fairview with my family. We all had a great time, too bad Ben and Sarah didn't come...hopefully next year. We spent 3 days relaxing, hanging out at the pool, and the boys played more than their fair share of golf! This year Grandpa and Grandma were nice...or maybe LUCKY enough to sleep upstairs with ALL of the kids except for Shanon. We look forward to this family vacation every year. We have so much fun playing games, laughing, and eating...can't get better than that!

On the front porch of the Cabin
Relaxing watching a movie
Maybe...Um NO!!
Playing in the pool
All Klaire told us was "The water is too freakin cold for me!"
Up Up...
And Away!
Being lazy
Kalli just being Kalli

Monday, July 27, 2009

Meet Our Babies...

We have Puppies!!!
My kids are so excited...almost as excited as Kurt! They are a week old and so cute. They all have their own puppy to name and it was a long and grueling process. Klaire's puppy if woof woof woof (or just woof for short), Kyle's is Buddy, Kamren's is Mohawk, Kalli's is Princess, and one more named Woody. They are already getting so big. I am not looking forward to having 5 puppies running wild through my house.
Woof, Woody, Buddy, Princess, and Mohawk